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Benefits of a shared locum database

At The Locum App, we have this idea of a shared ‘locum pool’ between pharmacies. The concept is based on the idea that multiple pharmacies register on our app and in turn ask locums to join our platform to apply for their shifts.

The reality is, all locums are already be signed up to multiple companies and platforms. The Locum App makes it easier for both pharmacies and locums to use a single platform.

I’m a locum, why would I benefit?

Imagine a single platform where you will be able to see all the shifts from your favourite pharmacies; You’d be able to set notification preferences and receive custom invites for branches you are familiar with. This also means you only need to fill out your compliance information on a single app.

We also know how tedious it can be to keep track of your shifts and send out invoices. Managing your bookings on a single platform would make it that much easier.

I’m a pharmacy, why would I share my locum database for other pharmacies to us?

As we mentioned earlier, there is generally an overlap between locums and pharmacies currently. Therefore inviting locums to join The Locum App will not impact the number of shifts you have filled. In fact, we suspect that by introducing more locums and more shifts to a single platform, it would be easier for locums to keep track of shifts and you will benefit from more shifts being booked by locums. Yes, this does mean the pharmacists in the head office won’t have to run off to cover a branch!

Additionally, it is also natural that overtime locums will diversify into full time positions or they will move into having fixed locum shifts. Usually this would mean that you would have to spend money marketing to recruit more locums on your database however by using The Locum App, we will work with pharmacies to build a pooled locum database which is constantly updated.

Updated on July 14, 2020

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